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Beyond Hope Records is an Independent Record Label based in Europe / Germany, established 2013!

We're focussing on Hardcore / Punk music and try to give something back to the scene, either with helping bands to release their music or with distributing records from all over the world.

- Bands that want to work with us, feel free to send us a demo submission with all your infos via mail
- Labels that are looking for wholesale / trades, get in touch and we send you our wholesale catalogue

For all enquiries, please mail to: info@beyondhoperecords.com

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BHR001 | Sending Lights - Haven (7" Vinyl, CD)
BHR002 | Dwnpours - Black Unltd. (CD)
BHR003 | Deceits - Tideless (Cassette)
BHR004 | Hopes - Dying Youth (Cassette)
BHR005 | Caller - Anchors Aweigh (CD, Digital)
BHR006 | Deceits - Circs (12" Vinyl, CD, Digital)
BHR007 | Back at Sea - Black Lungs, Dead Eyes / Widower (Digital)
BHR008 | Giver - Choking on Pride (12" Vinyl)
BHR009 | Snakes and Lions - Among Falling Stars .. (12")
BHR010 | Empty Handed - A Memory That No One Clings .. (12")
BHR011 | No Love - Blinded By Lies (Cassette, Digital)
BHR012 | Tides Denied - Remedy (7" Vinyl)
BHR014 | I Saw Daylight - Cœur Solitaire (12" Vinyl, Digital)
BHR015 | Hopes - Wake Up (Cassette, Digital)
BHR013 | Haze - Clouds Surround and Breathe (12" Vinyl)
BHR016 | Atlas / In Arms - Split (7" Vinyl, Digital)
BHR017 | Road To Manila - TBA
BHR018 | Sandlotkids - TBA


Empty Handed (GER)
Road To Manila (DK)
In Arms (UK)
Sending Lights (GER)
Atlas (UK)
Sandlotkids (GER)
I Saw Daylight (GER)
Hopes (CZ)
Snakes And Lions (GER)
Deceits (GER)
Giver (GER)
Haze (UK)
Tides Denied (GER)
Caller (GER)